lipsticksavior (lipsticksavior) wrote,

Signs of progress

In the last couple of weeks, the last weeks of March and beginning of April, I've been remarkably good.

I got the Bettie Page bangs I've been wanting for months. They made me feel like an entirely different person, like I was wearing lipstick all the time.

I've gotten dolli'ed up to go out. We all went to the mall to buy a bar-b-que (or grill or whatever one calls it) and, as always, I found the goth/alterna teenagers giving me the once over to be super amusing.

I bought some dress patterns and tried making a dress. I actually succeeded in creating a garment that I could put on and wear. It all went together the way it was supposed to, making me very happy with my new skill.

I was doing more cooking. I was hosting the Brownie meetings. I was making a good go at keeping up with the house. When I needed a break I took one. When I was hungry I ate something.

One day I got a Facebook friend request from a high school classmate who I know actively disliked me. It was just high school stuff, no big deal at this point in my life. I'm sure he got a suggestion on his page that we had mutual friends and sent me the request out of curiosity. I didn't get paranoid. I figured he just wanted to see if I was who he thought I was and take a look at my photos. Fine, look around. I have a cool life.

In short, I'm doing good.

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