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The Retro Housewife welcomes spring and tries again to get the positive vibe going on over here

I've been getting into my retro housewife duds every day again. When I get dressed in the morning Will always asks me where we're going, because I'm getting dressed.

I still feel all curvy and cute when I get my cropped jeans and lipstick on. I just find I have a better day all around if I put on the costume.

Spring has come to Austin Texas. It's been clear with a high of around 80 degrees. Wonderful weather for booting the children into the backyard old-school style, refusing to let them play inside. The running around and jumping on the trampoline cause them to sleep through the night, which means I get to sleep through the night. This is good for everyone.

I'm finding my springtime groove. Backdoor opens at 9:30 or so, for kids to come and go. Dishes are done after Scott leaves for work. Various chores and errands are completed by noon at the latest. Naptime is from whenever chores and errands are completed until it's time to get Zoe from school.

After school, I watch Dr. Phil. We don't have cable or Tivo or anything like that so I once again go all 1970's on my kids, telling them to be quiet and let me watch my show.

It's my understanding that on today's show, he will examine the study that states women have between 30 and 40 hours of leisure time a week, whether they work outside the home or not.

I would like to find the person who funded this study and punch them in the face with my purple, rubber-gloved hand. SOMEONE is resentful of women who talk about how tired they are after their busy week. SOMEONE is taking great joy in pointing out to us that if we would just increase our efficiency we'd have time to read. SOMEONE needs to be told: Fuck you. You could have spent a week doing various women's routines and figured out that we're not lying, you asshole.

Sorry, I digress.

Anyway, I watch Dr. Phil at 3. By the time the show has finished and Dr. Phil and his wife start congratulating each other on solving the world's problems, the kids from next door are over or I've called kids from down the street to come over, sometimes all of the above.

I use this hour before I have to start dinner to goof off. There's a game on Facebook where you use 'credits' or 'coins' to buy bingo cards. And then bingo numbers are called. And if you set 'auto-dab' you don't have to do anything but watch the numbers be called and wait to see if you win more 'credits' or 'coins'. And I play this idiotic game while I'm waiting for my Farmville crops to ripen.

At 5 I start dinner. Any children that are at my house get sent home at 6. Dinner is served to the kids and they can watch TV or whatever until getting ready for bed starts at 7.

Kids go to bed. Dinner dishes are done. Sometimes laundry is put away, but mostly I just decide what I'm going to do with my evening. Play Wizards 101 or watch something on Netflix or whatever.

I've just acquired Photoshop Elements 8 and I'm planning on working with photos this week.

So, that's what the Hip Housewife does during the week now that it's warm outside. It's a good life.

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