lipsticksavior (lipsticksavior) wrote,

It's nice to get something nice said to you

Scott asked me how I was yesterday morning. I said I was okay.

"You know I've accepted the fact that I can't keep up with the house by myself, right?" I asked him.

"Of course you can't. Not with four people living here. The energy that goes into making it messy is more than you can put into keeping it cleaned up. I don't complain." Then he went into the bedroom to get ready to g to work.

He came back out thirty seconds later, "Hey honey? I just need to tell you that you do a great job around here. You do a great job taking care of us, you keep the kids happy. You make lunches everyday. And you have time to express yourself creatively. And you're making these big changes in your life to make yourself happier. And you deal with it all. Heath Ledger's dead. He couldn't deal with it. Look at all the people on Celebrity Rehab. They have all the money and resources in the world and they can't do it. They don't have excuses like "I don't have a housekeeper." But you do a great job, so don't sweat the laundry so much. "

And I got all embarrassed and weepy, because I recognized what he said was true.
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